Monday, December 19, 2011

Annual Watts Atelier Holiday Party 2011

I can't believe we are celebrating our 20th year. Nothing signifies more the passing of time at Watts than our annual holiday party. It is always great to see old and new students and their friends and family members. We are continuing our 6th year of doing the instructor round robin painting demo. We take 10 to 15 minutes each to work on one painting. Over the years this has become quite a tradition and allows all of us time to enjoy the festivities. When we first started the holiday party tradition I remember trying to feverishly paint a painting and then raffle it off at the end of the evening. Unfortunately I never got any time to talk to or enjoy any of the party. It is really nice to have such a great team of artists that not only get along but are such dear friends and just plain good people. We once again had all of the teachers donate pieces for our annual holiday fundraiser for the local Rancho Coastal Humane Society. It was a great success raising just over $1000.00 for the critters. We are so happy to see all of the support. Thanks to all that came and for those who couldn't hope to see you in the New Year and at next year’s party.