Monday, July 15, 2013

Watts Atelier Online Launching Soon!

In just a few weeks, we launch the Watts Online School with over 250 hours of classes. And it's just the start! Be sure not to miss the launch. We are limiting enrollment initially on a first come basis.

You can learn more about the school at:



  1. Thank you Jeff for doing this.
    I am very much looking forward to.

  2. I have missed this school so much it hurts. For a guy making his living overseas this is an absolute miracle. Thanks guys. This is MUCH appreciated.

  3. Hi Jeff

    I am excited about this, but worried I won't be able to afford it. Do you have any slight indication of cost?


    1. Hi Lee,
      We will launch on August 31st with a special offer of $99 per month for the first 100 registrants. This will include both drawing and painting. After the initial group we will offer either drawing or painting for $99 and both for $199 per month. Please stay tuned for more posts and videos as we approach our launch date. Thank you for your interest.

  4. Can't Wait. I have been following your work for years, Have visited your school, and love what you do. I am from Golden, Colorado and this could be perfect for me to be able to work from home and participate in the area of instruction I so desire. Please let me be one of the first 100 so I can afford your program. How can I be sure your will contact me? Thank you. Sharon Trainor

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for your message. You can go to and leave your email address. We will be sending out emails explaining how and when to register on the 31st of August.
    Thank you,